Smart Description

The purpose of this plugin is to show a description button like this next to any custom field that needs explanation, It can be used in both Jira internal and service desk portal create screen.
We have two language options here; English and Turkish. you can write your comment in the field of your language. Description will be added and it can be seen when you go to the button.

In order to accomplish this, the field to be added to the description is selected from the custom field.

Go on Custom Field screen. hen click on "Add smart description" by going to the Settings section in custom field section.

After this, you will see a ready json format as below. Here you can choose where to show the description by writing “true” or choose not to show by writing “false”.

After saving, you will see the smart description next to the custom field. Next to the custom field. Explanation appears when you go next to it.

You should write the description field in which language do you use. Here we have two language option , “en” is English and “tr” is Turkish. Since the language we use is English because of this, we should write after “en” “..” section, there has been an adjustment in that area. You can see the screenshot below for an example.

You can see the description by hovering over the next to the custom field.

You can edit the description you added previously, and make it disappear by writing “false”.

After you save, you will see that the description disappeared from the custom field.