Domat Pomodoro for JIRA

Create new pomodoro

It’s easy, just open the issue that you want to work on and domat panel is ready to start!

When you click on “Open Domat” you can find your pomodoro tracker.

After you start your pomodoro, it counts down the time and creates a notification when time is up. A completed pomodoro creates a worklog for you. You can also edit the worklog description on a counting pomodoro.

You can see your completed pomodoros on the domat panel. It shows you an easy way of how much work you’ve completed on that issue.


Your Team Dashboard

While using pomodoro, one of the most annoying thing is interruptions! Domat Pomodoro shows you who's on pomodoro and prevents you asking them "Are you on pomodoro?". Just open your Jira homepage and find&click “Users' Domats” on the menu.

You can easily catch up with your team’s coffee break thanks to knowing their remaining time!